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Mackinac Island is only 90 miles east of our Resort!

Mackinac Island is only 90 miles east of Indian Lake Resort!  It is a fantastic day trip and a beautiful drive.  

To get to the island, you'll ride the ferry from Mackinaw City.  You can buy your tickets in advance and have the option of bringing your bike with you (for an additional fee).  You can also rent bikes (and tandem bikes) when you get to the island.  We brought our bikes and Rich & Terri rented a tandem.  

I do suggest you test out your bike before you start the 8.2 mile ride around the island... one of us (I won't name names) thought it would be a great idea to buy a bike because it was soooo cute!  This adorable cruiser with teal rims and a basket was the bike that would be ridden (and admired) everywhere!  Why not take a maiden voyage at Mackinac Island where the bike's vintage charm would fit right in?....  

Mile marker 0.5... why is it so hard to keep up with everyone?  Mile marker 0.75...  OMG, I'm way more out of shape that I realized, I mean I'm 42 but WTF.  Mile marker 1... those of us who qualify for kids and senior discounts are so far ahead that I can't see them anymore.  Mile marker 1.25... why can't I stop pedaling?? It's been a long time since I rode a bike, but don't they coast between pedals?  Eventually, Mike slows down to see if I'm ok.  I explain that I think something is wrong with my bike and he smiles at me with a sad look that shows he doesn't believe me but is too nice to argue.   Mile marker 1.5... Forget this!  I'm just going to stand here and admit to everyone on the island that I can't finish the loop with the rest of the world... do you think I can hop on one of the horse-drawn trash carriages and ditch my bike?  Mike takes pity on me and says he'll ride my bike since "he's sure it's the bike & not me" wink wink (by the way, we have no idea where the kids or grandparents are... there's a good chance they've completed the 8 mile loop).  Vindication time!!  A quarter of a mile later I hear Mike yell "What the f$%& is up with this bike?!?" as I coast out in front. It was not me, it was the stupid bike!!  Schwinn built this cruiser to be cute, nostalgic, and for pictures only.  Needless to say, that bike went on Craigslist when we got home 😂

We absolutely loved spending our day at Mackinac!!  Jack still wears my favorite shirt that says "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... Except bears, bears will kill you."  The kids were in awe when they realized that people inhabit the island year round and that there is a public school.  I loved picturing myself living on the island (with an electric bike 😉).


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