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Have you ever thought about escaping the grind for days, a month, or more?  What about taking your kids to a lake house for the summer and teaching them to unplug?  Indian Lake Resort cottages are also available for weekly and monthly summer rentals.  Just pack your bags and escape to paradise.
There is something extremely inspiring and rejuvenating in removing yourself from your daily surroundings.  Indian Lake Resort is set in a truly restorative location.  The views are amazing, the sunsets are Instagram worthy and the people are friendly.  It is a laid back location with no reason to dress up and lake hair is the norm.  
Are you looking for relaxation or inspiration?  If so, we would love to help you on your journey.  Indian Lake Resort reminds us of a much simpler time in life.  The summer days are long, the pace is slow, and the overall feeling is calm.  
If you are excited by the prospect of unplugging but would like the ability to work from the cottages, we do have wifi access.  

Dogs Are Now Welcome to Visit Cottage 4!

Our dog, Daisy, absolutely LOVES spending time at Indian Lake Resort with us.  We call her Yooper Dog!  Daisy always gets excited as soon as we pull off of Route 2 and head toward the cottages.  Her ears perk up and she starts sniffing.  She knows we are getting close and can't wait to head out for her first walk.  
We understand this feeling well!  Every time we head north to the resort, the stress melts off  as we drive and we are all excited to hop out and start exploring as soon as we arrive.  
Now that we've gotten through our first season as owners of Indian Lake Resort, we are excited to announce that Cottage #4 will be dog friendly for our guests as well!  Just add the Dog Stay Fee to your cart at checkout and agree to the terms.  Interested in booking with friends who would also like to bring their four legged family member?  Please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.  
If you've never stayed with us before, we look forward to meeting you next sea…

Wondering What to Give this Holiday Season?

As the kids get older, we have struggled with what gifts to give them.  Most things they want are technology based and give them more reason to stare at screens.  Over the last several years, we've tried to focus on creating memories and experiences together.  We bought an RV and have taken them to amazing places across the country.  The RV actually led us back to Manistique, MI and Indian Lake Resort.
This holiday season, we'd love to give more people the opportunity to give the gift of memories and experiences.  Indian Lake Resort is about unplugging, de-stressing and living in the moment.  It's amazing to see what happens when you simplify life for a few days and enjoy an amazing view.  For us, Indian Lake is like stepping back in time to an easier way of life, and we hope that our guests enjoy this feeling as well.
If you are thinking about taking a family vacation, a trip with a friend or spouse, a quiet retreat by yourself, or any other getaway next summer, we hope y…