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Wondering What to Give this Holiday Season?

As the kids get older, we have struggled with what gifts to give them.  Most things they want are technology based and give them more reason to stare at screens.  Over the last several years, we've tried to focus on creating memories and experiences together.  We bought an RV and have taken them to amazing places across the country.  The RV actually led us back to Manistique, MI and Indian Lake Resort.

This holiday season, we'd love to give more people the opportunity to give the gift of memories and experiences.  Indian Lake Resort is about unplugging, de-stressing and living in the moment.  It's amazing to see what happens when you simplify life for a few days and enjoy an amazing view.  For us, Indian Lake is like stepping back in time to an easier way of life, and we hope that our guests enjoy this feeling as well.

If you are thinking about taking a family vacation, a trip with a friend or spouse, a quiet retreat by yourself, or any other getaway next summer, we hope you will consider joining us.  Our gift to you this holiday season is a FREE NIGHT!!  Stay 3 nights and we will give you a 4TH NIGHT FREE - use code STAYFREE when you book your stay at  Don't delay, this code expires on December 31, 2019.


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These pictures were taken in 2018 right before we bought the property. 

Mackinac Island is only 90 miles east of our Resort!

Mackinac Island is only 90 miles east of Indian Lake Resort!  It is a fantastic day trip and a beautiful drive.  

To get to the island, you'll ride the ferry from Mackinaw City.  You can buy your tickets in advance and have the option of bringing your bike with you (for an additional fee).  You can also rent bikes (and tandem bikes) when you get to the island.  We brought our bikes and Rich & Terri rented a tandem.  

I do suggest you test out your bike before you start the 8.2 mile ride around the island... one of us (I won't name names) thought it would be a great idea to buy a bike because it was soooo cute!  This adorable cruiser with teal rims and a basket was the bike that would be ridden (and admired) everywhere!  Why not take a maiden voyage at Mackinac Island where the bike's vintage charm would fit right in?....  

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